Company Profile

At Casela Technologies, we are building a global semiconductor laser company that reimagines laser design and tailors manufacturing platforms to deliver best-in-class performance today and for years to come. Our laser technology, products and platforms are ready to deliver innovative solutions to the data communication infrastructure and sensing markets.

Casela Technologies was founded in 2019 by a group of industry veterans with proven production experience to bring innovative optical devices to international markets, with operations in Nanjing, Taipei, and Silicon Valley. Our state-of-the-art III-V semiconductor fab enables us to have full control from design through wafer growth, processing, and testing. Our proprietary buried heterostructure (BH) platform provides versatile design and superior performance for high-power DFBs, high-speed EMLs, and photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Casela’s products are scalable, cost effective and energy efficient as they deliver high optical power, high laser lane count and/or high-speed connectivity from chip-level to fully integrated modules.

Our core mission is to create value. For employees, Casela is a place of learning, reward, and advancement. For customers, Casela provides consistent value through innovation, quality, and dependability. For shareholders, we offer a long-term return on investment.